Nick Jonas and the Administration

Sunday, September 11, 2016

When your favorite band makes a surprise reunion show in your hometown, you don't think about logistics. It was September 30th in downtown Minneapolis and Nick Jonas had just tweeted out that he would be hosting a surprise reunion show with his former band mates. I, being the fan that I am, was in line the moment that I heard in shock that I could be going to not only one, but two Nick Jonas concerts in one night. Sure the State Fair was great with the Future Now tour, but there was something missing from the show. Maybe it was the fact that he was more so an opening act for Demi or that half of the fans had no idea what any of his lyrics were. Regardless, the idea of getting an extra show in a more intimate space sounded like a great time. Here are some pictures from this once in a lifetime event. Hopefully next time we wont have to wait a long time for the next reunion to happen.

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