Best Bars to go to in Paris

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

One of the first things that I did once I got to Paris was research bars and restaurants that my friends and I should go to. Luckily at our homestay, previous students had created a journal of their tips and tricks on going out at night in the city of lights. Naturally my roommate and I had to try every single bar on the list (and more). Some of these places became weekly favorites to go to with my study abroad group and will always be rememberd as such. Of course it wouldn't be right not to share some of my favorite places in Paris to go out at night without telling you :)

So get ready, get set, and lets drink. Because you're about to go bar hopping in Paris!

#1) Le Comptoir General -80 Quai de Jemmapes, 75010 Paris, France

What I love most about this place is where it is located. Hidden off of the Canal St Martin, Le Comptoir General can be a bit tricky to place if you haven't been there before. Located behind a maze like residential garden, the bar is themed with tropical safari like decorations that makes you feel as if you've entered into paradise. The bar has multiple themed rooms, tropical drinks, and even a thrift store on the top floor. If you come early entry is free, but after 6pm it will cost you 5 euros to enter (which still isn't bad compared to other bars).

#2) Café Indiana (multiple locations)

Now before anyone goes off on me for selecting an American like chain store- hear me out. As a study abroad student finding a cheap drink (other than wine) could be sometimes hard to find. Café Indiana served the cheapest yet strongest margaritas that I have ever had. This is a great place to go for happy hour without breaking the bank. Beware though that these chains have a distorted view of Native Americans so be prepared to be shocked- but it's part of the whole fun of going to one of these bars.

#3) Le Clown Bar- 114 Rue Amelot, 75011 Paris, France

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Located near the famous Parisian Circus, Fete D'hiver, the Clown Bar is a great hideaway the could be described similarly as a wine cellar in the basement. The music is always a mix between Stromae and Britney Spears and the drinks include classic favorites along with not-so-known shots including my favorite 'The Madeline' (yes there is an alcohol that taste exactly like the pastry). The environment here is quaint and friendly on any given night of the week.

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#4) Literally every bar on Rue Mouffetard

Known infamously as the 'university' bar scene, this street offers various bars for everyone. It can seem so daunting at times that you might not know which bar to start off with. Don't worry- compared to other bars- those located on Rue Mouffetard and in the surrounding area generally stay open later than 2am. If you're craving re-enacting your own midnight in Paris scenes these are the bars for you.  Writers like Hemingway's favorite bar are located on rue Mouffetard ready for you to discover.  My favorites in this area include the Fifth bar and Student Bar. 

#5) N'importe quoi bar- 16 Rue du Roule, 75001 Paris, France

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Located in the heart of Paris, N'importe quoi offers many fun activities for guests. During the week the bar hosts different activities including a competitive DDR and Karaoke competitions. On the weekend the bar opens their downstairs up as a dancefloor. Regardless of what day of the week you go here, you are bound to have fun at this bar.

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