Barcelona Babe

Monday, August 29, 2016

Okay it's time to make a confession: I have been trying to find the perfect dress to wear in Barcelona for moths. So when I went to Forever 21 and found this perfect orange dress that had a sassy Latin vibe, I knew it was the dress for me. Being an avid traveler it's important to think about what activities you will be doing throughout the day when selecting clothes to pack. It can be a tricky situation. For myself, I tend to look at inspiration by looking at pictures of the towns I will be visiting. I knew I wanted to match Barcelona's bright and fun personality while maintaining a cool and chic look while walking in the Gothic area. So I paired the dress with my awesome shades from Nordstrom and snake print shoes from Monroe and went about visiting the town. Here are just a few pics of my outfit of the day in Barcelona. 

Love this look? Get ready for more to come from my adventures in Europe and around the world!

Until next time, 

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