I shopped in the Forever 21 Plus Section (and loved it)

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Working in retail has it's perks. One of the glories of working in the retail industry is understanding women's bodies and finding outfits that look best on them. When it comes to shopping for myself though, it can sometimes be a struggle finding something that looks cute. Fortunately I have a great group of friends who were ready to help me find some great summer steals. So we went to the mall with a mission in mind to find cute summer dresses. Now mind you finding a summer dress has been a challenge for me this summer. As we walked around the largest mall of america trying on dresses from pretty much every vendor possible, I become more weary that I would actually find cute summer clothes. As I was just about to give up on finding dresses for my summer extravaganzas, we turned around the corner to Forever 21.

Let's flashback to when I was 13 years old, I could actually fit into Forever 21's clothes and had pretty much the whole store as options to purchase. Fast forward to when I was actually 21 years old; when the store's merchandise selection became smaller for my adult shaped body . Suddenly the dresses became too short, the maxi's became too snug at the hips, and the pants only rode up to the bottom of my butt. Suddenly becoming 21 didn't seem to have it's perks in the fashion world.

That's when my friends showed me to the plus size section. I had shopped previously in the plus size section once at the store when I had gained a few extra unwanted pounds. After having fluctuated sizes for the past year, I rebelled against staying in the plus size section. I work out, eat (moderately) healthy, and am size 12. Naturally I questioned their sanity. Could I really be plus size? I groaned and put on a dress. Suddenly I looked at myself in the mirror and was in shock. I looked good. The material of the dress hit right on me and the length of the dress. I thought it was just a fluke, so I tried on a couple more. All of a sudden I was at the cash register with four dresses and a beaming smile at how good I looked in the dresses.

So over all I guess you could say that I had a great time finding summer dresses after all. Though it was at an unexpected place and in an unexpected department, I was able to find some great summer finds (at an unbelievable price). Though the plus size department seemed bleak at times I've learned that size doesn't matter, and that maybe a friends advice isn't the worse thing to have in the world. So get ready for me Forever 21, because this girl will be coming back to shop in your fashionable plus size section too.

Until next time,

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