Five lessons we can take from Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift's Feud

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Right now the big topic of conversation in the celebrity world is Kim Kardashian exposing Taylor Swift. Though I want go too deep into the topic of these two going at each other (I'll just let you know I'm team Kardashian), Kim's actions have opened up a tidal wave of important conversations within the celebrity world, including what duties celebrities have to the public. Here are five important conversations that this epic celebrity feud has created that are important to shed light on, regardless of what side of the argument you are on.

#1) Learning about the definition of feminism

  1. Many movements can often have ambiguous interpretations and highly debated meanings. This feud has truly shed light on the social aspect of what it means to be a feminist. A feminist is someone who does not tear the opposite sex down, in order to gain power. A feminist can be someone who is non-binary, female, or male.  Using terms such as 'bitch' or 'slut' in order to describe a woman is not only derogatory but anti-feminist as well. Being a feminist isn't something that you turn on or off. If you are going to be a public figure who uses feminism as your brand image then you have to support all woman, not just a group or posse of a selected group. Chloe Grace Mortez, a female advocate, explained feminism eloquently in her Complex Magazine Interview. "They appropriate exclusivity", she said,  "It's not just about women being powerful, It's about races being powerful; genders being powerful".  
  2. #2) Realizing there's bigger fish to fry
  3. Yes, what's happening in the 'celeb world' is hella juicy right now, but shouldn't we be focusing our energy on other things that are happening in the world- such as social justice issues, gun reforms, and terrorism? Every day this summer we have been hearing of more tragic attacks occurring around the world to innocent people. Yes, its fine (and necessary) to step away for a while and take a break for your mental health, but these celebrities- and their dirty laundry- will not make an impact on the world. By simply tweeting about political issues even once a day compared to who's feuding with who at the moment is helpful not only for yourself to become educated on what's happening around the world, but to help others as well. 
  4. #3) Looking at your influences
  5. This is a great time for you to look at who you call your celebrity 'idols' and see if they are having a positive or negative impact on your life. Do they talk about social justice issues or simply talk about vain issues such as the latest beauty products and fashion trends of the day? The world is more complex than this and you shouldn't be focusing 24/7 on material things. Let's take Megan Trainor for example. She seems like a great role model for girls- she sings about embracing body types and teaching girls how to say 'No' to guys when they don't feel comfortable. Sounds great right?!? Not so fast. Though Trainor does have some great messages one that has me shaking my head and questioning her logic is her standpoint on voting. In her recent interview with Billboard magazine she said "I've never voted and I don't have any desire to." Being a fan of someone who has no desire to shape or change the world in a positive way by voting (which literally takes less than three minutes you guys) is someone that I can't consider to be a positive role model for the world. In the same manner, see how your idols react to tragic events and take action. They have a large platform, and if they aren't using it for the better, they honestly shouldn't be using it at all. 
  6.   #4) Realizing that the word bitch is an insult
  7.        I'ts plain and simple. Don't use words such as bitch, hoes, or slut when referring to a girl. Yes I understand the argument for rap culture but this still doesn't make calling someone a bitch right. Also don't even post pictures on the internt of woman (or men) without there permission. This should be a well known fact already guys...
  8. #5) Understanding what your legal rights are
  9. It's important to know what your legal rights are, and Kim Kardashian's videos covered her and Kayne's ass. In today's age, Taylor could sue for character defamation. Fortunately for the Kardarshain clan, this shouldn't be an issue because Kim has records of the verbal transactions and consent from Taylor. If we can learn a lesson from this all is this: record business transactions whenever possible; especially if you're dealing with a shady person. 

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