Purchase of the week: Nick Jonas Last Year was Complicated

Thursday, June 16, 2016

 Last Friday I bought Nick Jonas's new album- Last Year Was Complicated- at Target. Being the mega fan that I am, I was patiently waiting for the album to be released. At midnight on the dot I listened to the songs on Spotify and by 8 am the next morning had pretty much every song memorized. Fortunately Target made it even harder to choose a favorite song from the new R&B album with their extra three tracks on the album.Included in the album is Nick's current top singles 'Close', 'Bacon', and 'Unhinged'; all of which have catchy tunes and explain more about Nick's transition back to single-hood after his break up with Miss Universe.

Even if you might not have been a Jonas fan before, I assure you that this album is worthy enough to be purchased. You can tell that this album has been curated to its finest (if you don't believe me check out his documentary on TIDAL about making the album). Nick is at a point where he literally can try anything and everything with music- and he goes out of his comfort zone in this album and speaks truly from the heart- with the help of a few other friends in the album.

You can now purchase Last Year was Complicated in stores or online for $15.

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