Easy gifts to get for Father's Day

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

  1. Amazon Kindle- Prices range from  $33-$200 depending on the condition and the model of the product. 
  2. Golf Balls: You can personalize golf balls from several different online vendors. 
  3. A unique coffee mug: Almost every dad drinks coffee- why not buy him a sassy one instead?
  4. Syrup: Make your dad a nice stack of pancakes and add some fancy maple syrup to show how much you really care about him. 
  5. Tickets: Don't just make one day special for your dad! Buy two tickets to a baseball game or concert so that you both can share special memories together. 
  6. A t-shirt: Yes, this is standard but sometimes sticking with a classic father's day gift is a good idea. 

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