Best Breakfast Joints in the Twin Cities

Friday, March 11, 2016

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In honor of national breakfast week here are some of my favorite places  in the Twin Cities to grab some good ole fashion pancakes, eggs, or even a nice mimosa. Trust me when I say this- I know pancakes and have virtually tried every pancake in the Twin Cities.

#1) Day by Day Cafe-477 7th St W, St Paul, MN 55102

Located on 7th street new downtown St Paul, Day by Day Cafe is a great breakfast hideaway from the city. In the winter the cafe is cozy enough to be compared to a library and an oasis during the summer time with their outdoor patio. Their menu is also something to rave about as well- with something to offer (from Linda's Egg White Omelet to Banana Pancakes) that makes your mouth ooze. 

#2) Crave- Brunch Buffet (at select locations)

I don't even know if you would call what Crave offers a buffet because unlike fellow Chinese restaurants, Crave doesn't make you stand up and graze for your food. Instead, Crave will do the work for you- bringing over carts full of pastries and mimosas at a drop of a hat. I would like two of everything please :) 

#3) Colossal Cafe (various locations)

The first time I went into Colossal Cafe located in Como Park I knew I was in love. The restaurant has a chic-trendy vibe that your cool aunt would have. There's a common table for people to join at each restaurant so that patrons that happen to be alone can chat and mingle with others. My favorites on the menu? Brie Pancakes (yes these exist and they are amazing) and bread pudding roll. Not only does the breakfast joint serve great food, they also have some great mimosas that add a great punch to anyone's breakfast. 

#3) Watershed Cafe- 99 Cascade Sreett NorthOsceolaWI 54020

Want breakfast next to a waterfall? The Watershed Cafe can do just that. Located 15 minutes away from Stillwater, this is a great break from the hustle and bustle of the city for a while. Style like a log cabin, the restaurant offers breakfast foods with a great local twist- adding Minnesota (and Wisconsin) local foods into their food.  

#4) The neighborhood Cafe- 1570 Selby Ave, St Paul, MN 55104

If you're up to try some funky different styled pancakes this is the place to go. Each week the restaurants flavor of the week will vary for the breakfast joint ranging from Pumpkin Spice in October to Apple Crunch in February. You never know what you might get!

#5) The Original Pancake House

If you want to make a meal that you will remember this is the place. With their giant pancakes that taste like doughnuts you are sure to remember this meal forever- and your waistline will also. Though it is a chain store similar to Denny's or Ihop, it does seem to be a tad fancier than there competitors- making the act of eating pancakes look actually- well- hip.

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