Happy Fourth of July

Monday, July 06, 2015

It feels as if this summer has already become a blur. With my first big full time job wirking 9-5 adjusting to cherising the weekends has been an adjustment. Dont get me wrong, I love my job. But working in retail, when you had random weekdays off to go tanning at the beach, was amazing to say the least. 
   So its rime to cherish the days I di have off, such as weekends and nights. Luckily I got to cherish the summer a bit more than usual, with a three day weekend for the 4th. I had been really sick the week before, so a three day weekend full of going to the pool, watching Demi Lovato perform her new single "Cool for the Summer", and hanging with family was a blast.
   Unlike many Minnesotans, my family and I do not go to the cabin for the 4th. Staying in the Cities can be kinda borning at times on holiday weekends, so I went above and beyond not to get bored. Here's a few snaps from my weekend. Hope everyone had a fun and safe Fourth!

Untip next time, Sabrina

Hope you all had an amazing independence day!

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