Back in Minnesota

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Hello everyone!

    For those of you who have already read my travel posts and seen my Instagram you know that I have returned to the land of 10,000 lakes. Its been two weeks since I've been back and it honestly feels as if I never went to Paris. It's weird because I know for a fact that I studied abroad in the city of lights. It's true- I have documentation to prove that I lived there. But the memories seem to be a blur now, and it feels surreal that I could have possibly had the experiences I had while in Paris. I described it to my sister like this: It feels as if I was knocked out and just woke up after four months of being unconscious. When I woke up, I recognized the things I had known since I was a child. Family, friends, my favorite food, and parts of town. But how I see them now is different than when I had several months ago. Everything now seems to be "new" in a sense for me, as if I was visiting them again for the first time.

      I have some plans for this summer. I always liked how well my bucket-lists have gone in the past and hope to create something similar for this summer as well. After all, its my last summer ever. Crazy right? The last summer job, the last summer trips, and extended vacations. Of course being the person that I am  (who can't have only one task at a time) , I have decided to enroll in some summer classes so that I can graduate early (eek!). I'm writing my BIG paper this summer. I'm not too excited for this, but I'll be happy once it's over :) I've been writing this paper for several years (but what seems like forever) and can't wait to have it completed and conducted. It will be a total of two years that I have been working on this paper once it's finished this summer. Crazy-right?

   I'm also working on some other projects of my own. Currently, I'm finishing up my first book. I have set a deadline to have it finished by Memorial Day. It's May 16th, so that doesn't give me too much time, but I am loving where it has been going so far. I can't wait to see where this book goes- and to say that I have finally accomplished one of my goals of writing a book. No matter how many pages this book may be, short or long, I will be able to say by the end of the month (and proudly) that I have written a book. I don't think that it will turn out to be anything like Divergent. But I do hope that it will generate conversation for at least one person. That's all that a writer can really ask-right?

   For this blog I'm testing a lot of things out. Right now, I have some more posts from France and my looks to show you. I've been looking at other blogs (particularly those in Minnesota) to get some inspiration for this blog. So far I'm really happy with the progress that this blog has been making and I cannot wait to see how far it will go. I want to thank all of you readers who continue to read my blog. You truly motivate me to think out of the box, and type away on my computer for this blog. You motive me.

I think that's that. This week is going to be full of changes and new projects. I can't wait to share them with you once they have been finalized. Let's make this last summer count!

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