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Sunday, April 12, 2015

It seems as if every day is an adventure here. Of course some days are more jam packed with things to do and places to see, while others are a tad more boring due to classes. But overall, Paris is like a weird blur being in between an episode of Gossip Girl, Sex and the city, and of course Sabrina all wrapped up into a combination known as my life. Here's an update of what has happened that I find to be significant in my personal life that I thought I should share with you all. So here it goes.....

Everyone has a bucket list. On my "travel" section that I have attached to the blog (which is sponsored by my study abroad program) I wrote about making a bucket list of places I wanted to visit in Paris while I was here. For me, I think that there's a difference between bucket lists. I always make two different categories. One list is for things you want to see, while the other is things you want to experience.

Can you guess which section I'm going to talk about?
That's right, the one's that I wanted to experience. It's really simple. I'm a heterosexual girl that is crazy obsessed with boys. Problem is, I only know how to interact with them on a bro-level only. You see my problem?!? I'm the girl that is constantly friendzoned. The one who helps get other couples together, but never has time to find someone for herself. The list (or excuses-same thing really) goes on and on. Being Paris, and well also having the reputation of being the city of love, I thought that this would be the best place to let my crazy boy obsessed self let "loose" in the city of love. I'm going to divide things up into categories, because my organized self can only function properly this way

(1) Dating websites
This is a big craze here. Especially tinder. When my study abroad program started all the girls and guys from the program signed up for the site and started swiping away. Many of them went on dates, and some even have created relationships from having met someone on tinder. My lovely self though (having brought an old smart phone) cannot get tinder. So as everyone was swiping away vicariously on their phone attempting to meet up with a sexy French man, I was sitting hoping that I would have a sex and the city moment like Big and Natasha and simply fall in love gazing into a man's eyes at a café.
My friends really tried to encourage me to do online dating but honestly I don't understand the appeal. For me, I'm all about the chase. I love the whole "does he like me, does he not" stage. The chase is half of the fun of getting (or not getting in my case most of the time) with someone. Dating websites cut this part of the interaction, and I'm (being the crazy obsessed girl I am) hated that idea.

Really, I tried but it wasn't the thing for me so I went to other resources

(2) Trying to get with a guy in the program
Well this hasn't happened either. Almost all the guys in the program have girlfriends. It's great to have guy friends, especially when they can be your wing man at the bar or club. With 40 girls and one single guy in the program pretty much every girl is trying to get with him on the trip. I do love myself a competition though. But 40 girls (and not including others at the club) is just a little bit too much for me. At least it doesn't kill that I can mildly crush on someone while walking with them in the streets of Paris. Right?

(3) Doing unpredictable things
That's right. I kinda had a "I don't give two blanks" anymore kind of attitude. My friend (bless her soul) who lives in Minnesota has a French boyfriend while LIVING IN MINNESOTA in less than a month and I'm here in France struggling to even say hello to a French guy. So I decided to break out of my shell. With the combination of having the right attitude, wearing a sassy outfit, and having my game be on point this weekend has been great in the boy department. Don't worry, I ran away like a little school girl after a few kisses and dances. But it's a step towards the right direction. And a little push is good. If this week was any constellation, I hope that my quest (that is a terrible word, but just pretend I'm Carrie Bradshaw for a moment) for les mecs francais continues all the way to me holding hands on the ponts des amoureux.

Well it's time to finish up my glass of wine and call it a night. I'm excited to see where this week will take me.

Until next time,

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