Self Reflection

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

I was watching an episode of Charmed, cheesy I know, and heard Piper question her sister “Why would I open my heart up and love someone, when all it’s going to cause me is pain?” This question reignited with me.

Why do we open ourselves up to love? What even is love and how do we obtain it?

Currently, in French class I’m reading a piece by Moliere. Two of the characters (the master of dance and the master of theatre) are debating about why they create art. One debates that the reason is to earn money and to sustain their self. The other, debates that they create art in order to satisfy others. Both reasons are correct and are deemed definitions of “gratification”.

But which one is correct? When we are doing (or creating something) do we have more than one sole purpose or inspiration? I want to believe so, but at the same time I feel like I (and others) cannot be that complex. There is a root to everything that we do.

Could love be that root?

As a child I was taught that there are multiple forms of love: self-love, love for the family, love for your neighbor, love for your spouse, and love for God.

Some of these loves can be intertwined. Your neighbor could be your spouse. Your spouse is part of your family. You are a part of your family. The intertwinement is endless.

I believe that this intertwinement shows that we have and acknowledge that love can be attained both by self and as a community. It is, in a sense, a communal value. Your community and culture interprets love different than others. In America, one aspect of love in the media is being portrayed as unattainable and mythical.

We know that with love comes pain. It is a repercussion that everyone feels. Emotions (both good and bad) are part of what we are as human beings. It is essential that we feel. Those emotions guide our everyday moves. How we interpret “love” is going to differ for each person, culture, and community. The methodology of applying love then, will also differ in everyday activities.

Some people love money. They will do anything in their power to obtain it.

Others see love within others; observing and acting upon other people’s testimonials in order to help the community flourish.

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