Five ways to organize your room now

Sunday, November 30, 2014

My room was a mess today, and I felt like I was in need of a change so I set out to organize my bedroom. Here are some simple tricks to help keep your room organized and cute :)

#1) Bras: They can be the hardest to organize. They're expensive and yet so clumsy at times. I was inspired from Pintrest when I saw this girl had organized her lingerie similar to Victoria Secret. So naturally, I had to try. I took a cardboard box, cut off the top and set my sassy bras inside. Pretty simple and if I do say so myself, it looks pretty cute.

#2)Decorations : Everyone loves to have decorations in the room. But what to put is and how can be tricky. As a photographer, I love to capture pretty much every single moment of my life. I believe that it's good to fill your room with positive energy. What could be better than having a room surrounded of pictures of you and your loved ones? I used string and paper clips in order to hang these pictures up in my room. Its cute an easy to do!

#3) Get your vintage on: I'm a concert junkie so naturally I have preserved every concert ticket and wristband that I have ever worn. As mentioned before, I also love to take pictures. What could be a better combo than polaroid pictures with concert tickets? It give that vintage vibe with the armoire that it's on while still looking chic. In addition, I have collected vintage jewelry boxes as props of decoration. I love how they look and are great an organized way to put your jewelry in!

#4) Purses: I have always had a difficult time finding how to organize my purses let alone keep them from falling off of the shelves. I'm one to collect my shopping bags and recycle them. I put my old Victoria Secret shopping bags inside of the purses, opened up the bag, and the purses sit perfectly. I think this alternative is better than putting cardboard or a book (yes I've used a book) to prop up my purses. You want to preserve your purses as much as possible while also showcasing them!

#5) Organizing scarfs: Living in Minnesota, there are scarves that are considered weather and non-weather appropriate depending on the time of year. I have color coded and sorted out the scarves for this season in the front and have put my winter ones, which are folded, behind. Remember that you're not always going to have the time to be like Cher and stare at your closet endlessly. Your life is hectic, and having something to grab quick (that will actually keep you warm in the winter!) is a must.

I'm still in the process of organizing my room so look for a second update as well!
See you soon :)

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