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Friday, August 08, 2014

    Everyone has a voice. Some discover what their voice is at a young age. Usually society flourishes this lucky young souls with extra opportunities, cash, and je-ne-sais-pas. Then there are the folks like me. The ones who are seeking to find their voice and haven’t found it wait. The ones that are hoping for some big booming voice to come out of the sky, open the clouds with the bare hands, and tell them what they should do with life. Just like that.

   Apparently that great epiphany hasn’t happened yet. No voices have appeared out of the clouds telling me what to do. Mind you that doesn’t mean that I’m just sitting on my butt all day. It’s in fact the complete opposite. I’m trying everything that I am mildly passionate about. Yes….mildly. Like the salsa that the whimps at Costco have difficulty finding on the shelf because apparently there’s only spicy that exists. Well I’m not at that point yet. I haven’t found that ONE thing or have become that ONE voice for a cause yet. And to be honest, I do know if I want to. Is it all that bad to dabble and try a little bit of everything?

I remember when I was a little girl I had a list of occupations I was going to be. Realistically I believed that I could be a firefighter, a singer, an actress, a writer, a magical witch, and doctor all  . And honestly, I still have that dream. I love working and at this point of my life trying to see what I want to do.

As you can see for my lack of posts blogging wasn't one of them. I thought that I was lacking something. Call my crazy but I thought that in order to be viewed as a "credible" author I had to have this resume of work and experience already on my plate. I realize now that this notion is impossible. I can't decide when I'm going to have life altering experiences and hope that I remember my exact sentiments 15 or 20 minutes later to write it on a blog post. Nor do I expect myself to want at times to write my sentiments out about all events on the blog. So here it goes. All or nothing. It's going to be a new blog. And honestly, you're going to see a new me. So get ready, get set, let's go!

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