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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Nothing really major has happened since I've lasted posted the videos. Last week was my first week back in college (yay spring semester!), so I've been pretty busy getting back into the rut of things. This month I will be taking part in some amazing opportunities.
#1) I'm writing a book
     Because why not. IT will mainly consists of my journals that I have had from 2004-2010. It's weird re-reading these journals and seeing what kind of an evolution I have gone through in the past years.  I honestly think it's better in life to be an open book (in my case it will be literally rather than just metaphorically). I want to share with the world my experiences, both the good and the bad, in order for others-specifically young girls-that they are not alone.
#2) I'm doing an art documentary.
     More about that in a future post. I will be filming tomorrow for that.
#3) I'm focusing on photography
     I really want to get back into the swing of things. So in order to do that, I am doing a photo shoot for Express Yourself Clothing in the next coming weeks. I think it's important to remember and have that time (even if it is for only a few hours) to do what you're passionate about. Photography is one of them and I am always excited to take pictures of amazing and talented people.

And I think that's all. Writing it down makes it seem like I'm not doing that much but hey, I'm in school! I want to add more music into my schedule but I don't know at the moment. I hope everyone is staying warm (I know that there is a struggle for me to stay both cute and comfortable right now) in this TERRIBLE weather.
To gain some sanity and to kindle you up I'll leave you with some pictures of my adventure last week with my mother. Because you know, it's always nice to look at pictures of the cold weather indoors-right?!?

Love you all as always,


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