The art of catfishing blog series: post two

Saturday, November 02, 2013

So why is Catfishing such a big deal?
     Online dating is one of the largest industries of today. With 1 out of 5 couples meeting online today, the online dating industry has more than boomed and is with 2.1 billion dollars in the US alone.
     Catfishing is a moral and ethical issue.  Leading another (or multiple people for that matter) with this false persona is a dilemma. Private information is being disclosed back and forth to both parties with honesty being put off to the side. This lack of honesty allows for information to be shared unwillingly with other people the other party didn't intend to share. Catfishing has lead to broken hearts and even suicide. In addition, Catfishing can be considered as stealing. By using other people's pictures and artwork and posing as someone else, you are stealing intellectual property from others. This is in fact illegal.

   The internet is an alluring place where you can find whatever you want in a click of a mouse. People can become a different persona in a heartbeat. Like Amy, the mom in the documentary Catfish, people use the internet as a form to escape the real world. It is this intertwinement of the real world/virtual world that becomes dangerous.

Here are a few video clips that show the dangers of Catfishing


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