Orlando! Part 1

Monday, September 09, 2013

    College has begun and I have to say I sure did have a great summer! I believe the list really helped make it by far the best experience ever. It really just goes to prove that if you do have ambition your dreams can come true! Speaking of dreams, I might have mentioned that I won a contest to meet the Jonas Brothers. I couldn't attend the event because it was in LA (booooo) but I am going to meet them! Yes ladies and gents the time has officially come that I will be meeting the boys after 10 years of being a fan. I'm super stocked. The Jonas Brothers are coming to town next month and I decided to cave in and buy a M&G package. Yes I worked hard for this money all summer long and it was either getting a new wardrobe (which I partially got still before I learned about the concert) or meeting the Jonas Brothers. Clothes or Jonas Brothers? You decide.
    Orlando was such a blast. I had been working a lot this summer and will have a lot of projects as well as school work throughout the year so this was a much deserved break. I went on all the scary/intense rides and now can say that I have an impressive resume of roller coasters that I can add onto. If you didn't know by now, I'm a thrill junkie so going to Orlando was like a kid in a candy shop. Here are some pictures from the trip. As you can tell, I was having the time of my life at both Disney World and Universal studios. I would highly recommend going to both parks if you have time. My family and I stayed at Disney World Fort Wilderness which was amazing. We barely used our rental car and one day my friend and I went to three parks in one day. God bless those park hoppers! Well here are the awaited pictures-hope you like!

Mind you this is only part 1-more to come!

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