From Elephant videos to music videos: The expansion of Youtube Part 2:Tips towards success

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

     As someone who has been posting videos on YouTube, I am always amazed at the success stories I see and watch on the site. 'Every day' people are transformed into celebrities in just a days time. Currently, one lady has been taking the internet and the media world by storm. Christina Bianco, has a talent for being able to mimic famous female singers from Cher, Celine Dion, Adele and Zooey Deschanel on cue. So how do these people become ( I don't know what other world to put here, excuse me) regulars to ever so extraordinary people? Its this ' us and them' division that YouTube creates -and the viewers as well. So what sets us apart from the others? This is in no sense a guide to how to become 'famous' on YouTube. No. This is merely one explanation for how people have quit their jobs as waitresses and hairdressers (which are great jobs mind you) to getting 6 figures for posting several videos a month.
   The first, and the most well known way that channels become insta-hits are through the use of partnerships. Examples include Vevo, Sony and Base 79. So how does a partnership work? Think of it this way-every single person that watchers your videos is a customer. That means the more viewers you get for your channel per month= the more money you earn per month. This is why consistency for channels is highly stressed on the media site (and for partnerships alike). In order for you as a channel to succeed you must produce x amount of videos so that more people can see you. Now you're probably asking how partnerships play a role in this. The company helps boosts your viewership-how they do that I have no idea-but in either case they do. In addition, the partnership helps give you ideas to how to improve your current Youtube videos with extra statistics as well as their personal views of the channel. Yes, partnerships do take a certain percentage of your earnings (my partnership takes 50%) but so far since I have signed with my partner I have been very happy. This extra boost has not only increased peoples awareness of my virtual existence but also has increased my self esteem. There are many (subtle) and not so subtle ways to becoming a partner. For me, I decided to research the partnerships I liked and then followed them on YouTube. I would have never guessed though that the company would have looked at my channel. Of course, before  you enter into ANY partnership you should have YouTube verify that it is legit-which you should do in your research as well. Currently, one partnership -Base 79 -is doing a world wide talent search for young people. Talents include (but are not limited to) fashionistas to pop artists. Competitions like these allow yourself to get your foot into the door-even if you don't get recognized or win bragging rights for winning.
    A second way that people have become a YouTube sensations are through the acts of combining forces with other channels. Side projects  allow for viewers of both parties to increase.  In addition, you get to see how someone just like yourself creates and uploads videos. This is a great learning experience for the both of you (or multiple parties) to see how you can improve and work on creating a better channel. But Youtube channels aren't the only one's that are combining forces.Companies are asking for enthusiasts as well for their input. hitRECord is one of those sites asking enthusiasts to help create the latest videos with actors such as Joseph Gorden Levitt (who is one of the main founders of the site). It is opportunities such as these that are hard to pass by. This allows you to learn more about the business, if interested, and see what it takes to make a hit.

 This video is a great example of how different channels worked together in order to create a video-which became a world wide hit. The Wizard of AHHS allowed both fan bases to unite and promote it via social media sites.

    Thanks to the innovation of technology, YouTube hits take more than just luck. Now, videos are becoming more so like up-scale production movies. Luck will only get you so far in the YouTube world. I hope that the options listed above are good alternatives than just waiting around. The channel you post is a representation of yourself. I can't guarantee that with these tips that you will become the next Justin Bieber. What I can recommend though is that you look at these alternatives as a way to get your message across to more people. Use these tools in order to further your learning experience and to expand your creativity. Good luck to all of you :)


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