Its time for a change: First Roadtrip ever!

Thursday, August 01, 2013

For those of you avid blog readers you might have noticed my absentee. Don't worry-I can explain! At the last minute, my girlfriends and I decided to do a road trip to visit Ely Minnesota. In Ely, we visited a friend who is currently helping at a lodge/outfitters. Of course we had a great time singing tunes back and forth on the road (which I might add were a healthy dose of the Jonas Brothers and Jesse McCartney), hiking the trails, and of course gossiping! I realized that for the trip we had to go up north, but I did not realize the towns proximity to Canada. Were we stayed, we were 20 miles away via canoe! How crazy is that?!? We did get some back talk for being 'city kids' but I felt as if we a pretty dandy job taking in all the nature. Which I might have to add was ridiculously gorgeous. Here are some pictures of the trip. Though there weren't too many activities/stores in town we did have a great weekend away from the family and city life. Fortunately for us, on the way up to Ely we got to experience a blueberry festival. Let me tell you, that sure was fun being the blueberry fanatic I am :)
   Honestly, though the trip might have been last minute (causing a bit more chaos then needed) this was one of my favorite trips that I have gone on. Not only did this trip allow for some  great time getting to know my friends on a deeper level, it also allowed me to take in nature. I didn't realize how dependent I was on electronics until I couldn't use them because there wasn't wifi connections or cell phone service. This trip really allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and to remember to live in the moment.
 Until next time Ely,

Me-excited to be leaving the nest for a few days

Duluth-The Shore

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