Tips in order to be a healthy traveler: Its time for a change

Saturday, July 20, 2013

At Purdue, ready for a great adventure ahead!

For my trip last week, I really wanted to stay healthy and be active throughout the entirety of my vacation. After all, who wants to feel crappy when they are on vacation? Here are some tips that helped me loose weight while being away from home:

     1) Before departing, look to see where the nearest gym is located. Since I was close to Purdue's campus-I decided to work out in their new Rec Center (it was seriously mind boggling). If you are staying at a hotel, look before hand and plan accordingly.
    2) Even if you don't think you are going to work out-bring the proper clothes. Don't be that person that decides they want to work out at a drop of a hat but can't because they didn't pack the necessary outfits. By even packing them, makes you motivated.
    3) Have a good pair of walking shoes! This will allow you to explore the city you are in without the blisters. You can still look fashionable while wearing great shoes that help support you. Who wants to have a vacation moping around in pain over their feet pain? Not me!
    4) Make a playlist on your ipod. I found this to be really helpful during my trip. I didn't like the music being played at the gym. So instead of moping around I made a playlist. This allowed me to become excited and kept me staying pumped throughout my entire workout. Who doesn't love hearing a good mix of Britney Spears and NSYNC while working out?
    5) Invite others to work out with you! You most likely aren't the only person who wants to get a good sweat in during your vacation. If you are traveling with friends or family, ask them. It doesn't hurt you. The worse response you're going to get is a "no". Working out can be a good bonding activity as well as a competition for the both of you!

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