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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I'm going to make this as brief as possible because honestly, I don't have too much to say about my week. It's been non-stop: work, work, work. Which isn't bad whatsoever! It just leaves out time for me to be with my friends. So today I'm taking my free time (yes on a tuesday) and having as much fun as possible! Wish me luck you guys-as always, pictures will be uploaded onto the blog of my outfit (which I have to say is simple yet super sexy!)

    Weight loss: I'm almost done to 30 pounds off of me! Yippee for moi! I am having a love/hate relationship with working out right now. I'm trying to recreate the experience I had while at the work out center in Purdue (where I ran 7 miles 3 days on the trip) but I seem to be lacking energy half way through. I know-baby steps. But after going what I thought was the impossible, I'm doubting (or maybe the better word is questioning) my capabilities. Any tips/suggestions? I'm scared as ever to plateau as well. I'm drinking water like a crazy maniac to flush everything out of my system. On the plus side, people are starting to notice that I'm loosing weight. It feels good to have these small accomplishes to finally result into something positive.

An edit of all the faces I make while singing. I found it to be so funny. Am I really this ridiculous?
   Singing: I will be posting videos on youtube! I might have lost my voice for a time and period :/ during my trip and had to take a vocal rest. The only word that seems appropriate is that it " sucked" big time. I know I'm not the only one who likes singing while they're in the shower. I'm just a bit of a perfectionist when I sing. Or at least I try to be. It was hard to hit notes that I could usually. Maybe I'm going through a vocal change, but honestly I just think I was over worked and it was my bodies way of telling me to relax a bit.

  Blog:I have decided, for my best interest, that I will be posting at least once a month a reflection piece or commentary on an occurring event in the media. This blog is a fusion of what I do, and I miss writing journalistic pieces and adding my two cents about on going events!

  Summer list: Went to a food truck the other day and order a dessert! The food truck is from celebrity and local chef Andrew Zimmerman. I love the fact that he makes ethnic food from around the world and mixes them together. I had shaved ice mix with pound cake added with Nicaraguan Dulce de leche. It was amazing. The pictures do not do this treat justice! It was great for a nice hot summer day and was just sweet enough. My sister, mom and I shared this and thought it was pure perfection. Have you tried any of his delicacies before?

My sister having the first bite as always

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