Its time for a change: The Zoo

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Had a great day on Sunday going to the Zoo and Conservatory! I love watching little (and big) animals be cute and adorable by doing the little things such as eating, popping and waddling around. Going to the zoo is a great reminder of how beautiful, fragile and rare wild life are.I always find myself in a great mood after going to the zoo no matter what. Its so funny how even though these animals have a different way of communicating with us humans, they are somewhat so alike. It just goes to show us (as humans) that we have more similarities out in the world then differences. Just a quick thought. I know I over analyze simplistic things/activities like going to the zoo, but it always seems to amaze me of how much happiness these animals can create by doing the same actions that we humans do. Here are just a few pictures from the zoo that I took the other day :) I will post some of the plant life pictures tomorrow! Hope everything is going well. 
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