Its time for a change: Yet another rainy thing for things to do

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The weather here hasn't been helping make the challenge easy. I want to go outside with friends and hangout in the park or walk around. Unfortunately, there is only so much rain a person can take. I'm usually all for it because it gives me an excuse to get out my red rain boots but enough is enough already! Today,instead of moaning about the weather. I took advantage if my free time and continued reading Black Like Me. I really think it would be fascinating to do a piece similar to this in the present day. I've read about similar concepts if the writer becoming the subject. For example, last year a girl faked a pregnancy (high school junior) to see what people's reactions would be. It was fascinating to read in this SeventeenMagazine  article how people's views shifted/altered. It reminds me if the show:What would you do? Whenever I each it I hope deep done that if a similar event occurred I would do what was morally right. Call me egotistical, but I would love for people to recognize my actions as the correct and maybe even dignified. But I'm dreaming again.
In addition to reading the book I have been hanging out with friends getting those first few memories of summer in. I can't believe that I only have two of these left until I have to become part of the real world where I don't have week or monthlong breaks. I will for sure miss that. Other than that nothing too monumental has occurred. Hope everyone is doing well!


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