Will Spring Ever come?

Monday, March 04, 2013

Princess Fusion - Jason Wu Dress, Vintage Necklace, Hsn Ring - Flower PowerIt's march. Finally. Alleluia. Praise be to God. You get the deal. Living in Minnesota, I find it to be a challenge to look fashionable and stay warm. So having it be March means springtime-right?!? Guess the weather doesn't have a calender and isn't up to date like I'd hoped. Instead I'm stuck wearing pants. Ew-right?!? Am I the only one who feels so happy when I get the opportunity to wear a dress?!? It makes my DAY. I feel so much more productive in a frilly cute outfit. Cheesy and sad, I know. I'm crossing my fingers that this spell is almost over. After all, there was that ground hog that woke up, and .....yeah I have no idea how that correlates to the weather but it does. Spring will be coming and that means more posts of my looks because it won't be cold =I'll be more attractive looking than the usual. Hope you're as excited as I am friends :)

PS: Do you like this urban chic pic I took? I felt like such a bad-ass. Silly I know, but it's the little things in life that make things fun. More pictures/photography are on its way from my weekend adventures. In the mean time though feel free to look on my instagram (If you forgot my username is Beanerbelles). Well I have to go and study-BLAH-but I hope you guys are doing well. Are there any trends that you are excited for? If so-what?!?

Until next time,

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