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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Princess Fusion - Ann Taylor Shirt, Kenneth Cole Jacket, Forever 21 Jeans - Sparkly Business
Job interviews can be daunting. We've all been through it before. The nervousness of what to wear. Trying to smile enough to show that you are in deed the, having your hair curled perfectly, and of course remembering to go to the bathroom. It's tricky but it can also be fun. Today, I had the lovely opportunity have going to an interview to work at the Loft. I am super excited to be working there! That means new clothes and getting the chance to work with women. I don't know about you, but I thrive on helping every single person find that perfect outfit that shows them off for their special occasion. I hope that I have fun working at the Loft-from what my friends have told me-they love it! You might seem a lot of pictures in the future of me wearing their clothes. Just know that I'm not getting paid to promote their clothes. I just find them to be practical, chic, and great staple pieces. Of course, during the interview I wore one of my favorite holiday shirts from the Loft. It's such a great staple piece with an exta va va voom. You know me though! I always love sparkle :)
Well duty calls and I should probably start hitting the books again! Hope you guys are getting ready for spring-I know I am!

Until next time,

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