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Friday, January 11, 2013

 For the past couple years now, cyberbullying has become the "hot topic". First singer Demi Lovato, made the issue aware after going into rehab; explaining that bullying was one of the reasons that lead her towards depression. Movies such as Cyberbullying on ABC Family and new stories of mothers posing as teenagers and harassing young girls have also been splattered across the media lately. Having been bullied myself via the internet, I know how it feels to be the 'target'. I had done nothing wrong to these girls. What made it worst though, was that these girls attended my school. Feeling inspired by Gossip Girl the girls took it to the next step and made blogs dissing not only girls, but boys and teachers too from the school. Of course, I was intrigued by the blog-because really, if someone is writing about you, don't you think you would want to know too what it was about? Those words via the internet hurt more than that could be said out load. Why? Because even to this day, 6 years latter, I can still find these mean and nasty comments found via the internet for not only my classamates at the time to see, but the entire world. Even to this day, when I feel sad I glance over at the blog and I believe that like them too, everyone must hate me. I know this isn't true. That I am supported by family and friends-but at times the internet and the nasty words don't help.
    This sentiment of feeling completely like shit because of the internet came back the other day via twitter. I'm not saying that my response was correct ( I used some colorful language defending someone) but I am sick and tired of one thing. What is that?!? Hearing all these girls play the "victim" role when it comes to online cyberbullying. Now, you're probably thinking of me as a presumptuous pig right at this second. And, in fact I probably am just a bit. I don't believe that everyone is a victim. Yes, I do believe though that victims do exist though and that I am not the only one who has ever been victimized by online bullying. It sickens me though when people, specifically girls, feel the need to attack one person via the internet such as celebrities or even REGULAR human people. Yes, it might seem fun to "provoke" people online and get that attention at first-but wouldn't you prefer it to be positive energy? Why not work hard and maintain a good and positive relationship with people over the internet?
    Hopefully, if you have gained anything from this "rant" I have it's this: that it's never right to attack someone via the internet numerous times. Yes, complaining about someone indirectly is fine by my standards if it only happens once or twice. But to directly attack someone continuously is cruel. Just remember that the next time you post something on twitter or facebook, or simply commenting on Youtube. Just like when you're talking, THINK before you post. I hope you guys can all take this into account. And for those of you who are being bullied via the internet, talk to a friend about it. But remember, don't become consumed with it-or it will get the best of you. Instead take the higher road, and be the mature one. You will get rewarded in the end for that. If you have any questions on how to deal with someone via the internet you can comment below. As always xoxoxoxo

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