New youtube song-I will wait cover

Friday, January 18, 2013

Hi you guys!!! School work, like always, is getting more packed. Luckily, I have some break days this week and next week before I go back to the regular "routine". Today, I decided that I wasn't happy with my old youtube cover from Les Miserables and deleted it. Why? Don't judge me, well I guess you can, but be nice about it ok? I got a thumb down on my youtube video. Now, I've had that happen before and I was totaly fine with having people not like my video. But when you post of video of you singing, which is nerve racking, I would like FEEDBACK if I'm doing shit. You get what I'm saying? Don't just dislike something for pure pleasure-EXPLAIN WHY. Its frustrating and I wasn't confident with the song so I decided to do a different cover of Mumford and Sons "I will wait". This is more in my vocal range anyway and fits with my voice better. I know I must sound like a prissy bitch right now whining about my Youtube channel, sorry :(
Do you guys have any tips on how to improve or what to do? As always, thanks for the lovely comments and I hope to hear from you guys soon!!


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