Beauty Riview: Rita Hazan Pop Color

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Today, I had the chance to go to Sephora. Like most people, my initial reaction when going into Sephora is to try every single new product possible. One item that I found interesting was Rita Hazan's "Pop Color" temporary color spray in Blue, Pink, and Purple. The spray only take's five minutes until it dries and is fairly visible on dark hair such as mine. Included in the spray is sparkles, which for me is always a plus. The spray though, is small for $18 a bottle and is awkward looking with only one color sprayed into your hair. Naturally, I went crazy and tried all the hair colors because the hair spray look weird with just one color. Overall, the spray is fun to have for those random rebellious days when you find you want to add an extra "pop" to your look. Though it is a bit expensive, it looks pretty cool on blondes and lighter hair shaded girls compared to me. If you have dark thick hair like moi, this product is not for you. It made my hair look frizzy and look as if I was going to a Halloween party. Here are some pictures of me with the spray so you can get an idea of what it looks like. You can look into the product on Sephora's website by clicking here.

PS: I will give tips on the blog for girls who have hair like me on extensions and other  ways that you can get cool funky looking non-permanent hair coloring done.

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