Star Party 2016

8:53 PM

There are some concerts that everyone is just dying to go to once in there lives. For myself, KDWB's Star Party was one of them. For a night I could dress up, hit the town, and watch my favorite artists perform in an intimate setting FOR FREE. The question for the past month was how on earth was I going to get tickets- since with my terrible luck- I never seem to win ANYTHING. Fortunately I professed my love for Joe Jonas to the right person and scored tickets to this years Star Party. To say that it was a dream come true would be an understatement. I was feet away from my favorite artist- some of which I had always dreamed about seeing live some day. To make matters better- and to follow the theme of making dreams come true even further- there was champagne involved. But I'll leave that story for a different day :)

Artists that performed at this year's Star Party included: Lil John, DNCE, Charlie Pluth, Hailee Stienfield, Dea, and Mike Posner

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